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You know that you are driven to succeed.  You worked your ass off to get to where you are in life and people admire your accomplishments, but there is still something inside of you that makes you search for something more. Something bigger even.

But you take pride in being a self-sufficient and an independent woman even if at times it feels like you need to conform to what other’s want from you..so you can be even more accomplished.  So you push on in search of some form of fulfillment. 

It’s hard to even describe what you want anymore. You’ve created a secure and financially sound life for yourself, but something just isn’t quite right yet. 

I want you to know that this is perfectly normal. Yes, I said normal, and I’m going to tell you why. It’s because we’ve been conditioned from such a young age to follow the rules. Our families, our religions, our school systems, and our communities’ give us black and white rules to follow so we can be good successful people. 

It’s all about conforming and doing what’s necessary to survive. So that’s what we think success should feel like in our lives.  If we can make it just one more day, if we can deflect the pain of what may be happening, if we can find a different job, if we can make just a little bit more money…then we will be happy. 

We tolerate the notion of what we are “supposed” to do and how we are “supposed” to act in the name of survival. In the end, the purpose behind the rules we learned was meant to be positive, but it definitely lacked the option for us to express our desires or feelings. So it’s no wonder, really, that we got lost along the way. 

So I’m hear to whistle a different tune. I want you to thrive and not just survive. I want you to know that you don’t have to always be buttoned up and perfect.  You don’t have to prove that you can handle things all by yourself.  You don’t have to keep searching for something that is just going to make you feel happy.  You can create a life that has meaning; one that marries independence and success on your terms.  You deserve to have it all and actually FEEL it all.

The Journey Together Begins Here….

Are you ready for the 4 steps that can change your life forever?

Together we assess where your mindset is and why it’s there.  What rules and beliefs did you inherent throughout your life that caused you to view your life and options as they are today?  We will unravel it all. 

Oftentimes the rules and lessons we learn in life limit our perception of what we want, feel and need.  Once we identify the story behind who you are “being” we can connect the dots to help you become more of who you truly are and find what you value.

Then it’s all about owning it.  Standing up and taking responsibility for how you feel and what you want moving forward; being free to live a life on your own terms without hesitation, frustration or struggle.  Sounds nice, right? It is.

The last step is about sharing your new perspectives with the world.  You will put an action plan together, with my help, to surround yourself with like-minded, supportive people and work environments.  The kind of personal and professional environments that allow you thrive being exactly who you are without any insecurity.

It’s so powerful to move through these 4 steps and come out on the other side no longer searching…just knowing exactly what you want and who you are. How do I know this? I created this system for me and it’s turned my entire life around.

I created this step-by-step system so I could teach you how to bring the intensity back into your life.  You get to feel each and every accomplishment and success from past to present knowing that your lessons are gifts.  They are what make you a strong, powerful force to be reckoned with.  You get to release yourself from the all of the rules, the walls and things that caused you to lose a true sense of who you are along the way.

Everyone is on their own journey, which is why I have a few different options to meet you right where you are. 

Below are my available services.

Contact me for an initial consultation or for any questions. 

The Freedom & Purpose System: 4 Steps to Reclaiming Your Life Program –Investment Starting at $399


Unravel It Session
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The Freedom & Purpose System: The 4 Steps to Reclaiming Your Life
from 2,800.00
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Ala Carte Options

Option 1: Unravel It Session –

Investment $399

The 90-Minute Session is an option to just begin.  The Unravel It session begins with an assessment of your current mindset and energy around the way you perceive your life.  It offers the opportunity to delve deep and understand that “scary” story you keep telling yourself.  Let’s breakthrough what’s holding you back and ignite the courage to really “see” yourself and your desires.







Package Options

If you’re ready to jump in and experience the full power, there are also packages to support your journey.  In all of the packages you will receive:

4 months of group coaching – 8 bi-weekly one-hour group sessions to help you 

  1. identify exactly what makes you happy, valued & fulfilled
  2. understand what “scary” story might be limiting you from feeling free and owning your power
  3. shift your mindset and put an action plan into place to live the life you deserve inclusive of freedom, fun, achievement and real confidence---all on your terms!

Access to a private Facebook group for continuous growth to build a network of like-minded women who can support you in a way that takes courage and vulnerability to a new level.

Option 2: The Group Coaching Package

A perfect way to build your own path to a newfound success with a little bit of support from women just like you.  I want you to rock this life of yours so I’m offering it for: 

Investment: $2,800

Option 3: Want a little more support?  Then join my VIP Group & Individual Coaching. 

This adds 8 more session with me in a 1:1 environment to really talk through your own personal findings and begin to create an action plan that will transform you forever.

Investment: $4,500

Option 4: Feeling the need to really go all in?  Check out my Mega VIP Individual Coaching. 

In this package, you can join the group coaching sessions if you’d like but you can rest easy knowing that you have the personalized support of me for 16 sessions to walk through you story on your own terms.  It’s all about you!  These 1:1 sessions will offer the breakthrough you need to understand your mindset in an uber-safe environment and make miracles happen in your life.

Investment: $5,400

Now, Ask Yourself: “What Would This Do For My Life?”

If you put in the work, and it is hard work, you can finally begin to feel every single success in your life. That means

  • Freedom – the freedom to do what you want so that you can know what true power and significance means and so that those beautiful imperfections become your biggest asset without judgment from yourself and others.
  • Fun – the kind of fun that is filled with laughter and playfulness so that you can know that you are living out loud and showing the best version of you; free from guilt of the past or anxiety about the future.
  • Achievement – achievement in a way that feels completely satisfying because you know who you are and what you are passionate about so can stop searching for the next big thing to fill you up and know that you have everything that you need right within your grasp.
  • Real Confidence – the confidence that comes with knowing that you can do anything and everything you want and still be wildly successful 

I can offer you a path to the freedom and abundance that comes from owning your story and just being you. 


It's About the Journey

When we set a goal, we often become so focused on the outcome that we lose sight of what is actually important: the journey.

Life is about living in the moment, but when we are preoccupied with winning versus losing, and completely focused on simply crossing the finish-line of achieving our goals, it is easy to forget that.

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