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Program Feedback 

"Make the time to invest in yourself with this program.  You won't regret it!

"The lifeline in this program was helpful to see the root cause of my actions and behaviors."

"If you are ready to dig deep and ready to grow as a woman, this is a great workshop."

"I would encourage any women in corporate/small business to attend as well as women who need personal motivation.  This is a great resource and coaching experience."

"Definitely attend - you will learn so much about yourself."

"The team facilitating is fantastic.  This was a great use of my time for development."

Personal Testimonials

"Heather was my first experience with being coached, and what a great way to start!  She really helped me to move forward in the direction of my goals, even as the fears and uncertainty would pop up.  She helped me to go deep and discover the limiting beliefs that I had about myself or the world that were getting in the way of my dreams.  She knew just the right question at just the right time to call forward what was getting in the way.  My confidence and courage grew exponentially during the time that I worked with Heather and I have continued strongly on my path to create the business that I know I was put here to do.

Lillie M. - Women's Development Coach


"I had the opportunity to speak with Heather as I began evaluating next career moves.  I found Heather to be thoughtful and intentional as she worked with me to determine which avenue I’d benefit from the most.  Her questions and insight allowed me to be introspective regarding my own aspirations while also being clear on the impacts of the decision I was making.  Without her coaching, I may not have taken my next step.  Her genuine care for individuals and their well-being professionally and personally shows in how she works with people. I’m extremely grateful I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow from my interactions with Heather."

Georgie C. –VP

"I noticed Heather’s genuine interest in me and her thoughtful approach to our conversations.  Heather would ask me questions about my aspirations, goals and my passion for life.  She had been listening to me carefully and was able to understand what I was saying regardless of how confusing or jumbled my thoughts may have been.  Heather understood that I had lost my way in my professional journey and she was able to ask the questions that I did not want to ask or avoided asking myself.

Heather’s gentle and firm approach helped me clarify my thoughts and realize the importance of being present and living in the moment.  Heather helped me surround myself with people that were good for me and eliminate relationships and task that were not good for me.  Heather presented ideas and suggestions with care and compassion which enabled me to find the courage to deal with issues that were stopping me from reaching my potential.  She helped me see life as full of possibilities rather than inevitabilities and reminded me to value myself without reservation!

Thank you Heather for helping me find my path and meaning again."

Yolanda A., Sr Director

"The minute I met Heather Parks, I made a mental note that she was "a leader to watch". It was a hunch that proved to be spot on. So much so that as she went into private practice as a coach, I added her to my personal and professional board of directors. She is one of the short list of coaches I call when I need a coach.  Her her fluency and knowledge as a coaching professional, her commitment to collaboration and her reputation as a trusted adviser are demonstrated at every level. I highly recommend Heather."

Karen H., President

Heather is a leadership expert who was able to take her extensive knowledge and put it into meaningful action at the global level. She understands the dynamics of effective leadership and the best approaches to develop skills and behaviors that not only fit into the corporate culture, but hits home with the individual. She is one of the best coaches with whom I've ever worked. Programmatically, she builds programs to ensure that right people are getting the right development at the right time. She navigates both executive and employee waters with ease and is an asset to any team or organization.

Jeff W., SVP