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You’re a highly-successful woman sitting in a seasoned role. On the outside, you look like you have it all together.

The reality? You don’t feel like it at all.

A typical day in your life?

YOU’RE MAXED OUT. Stressed. You have a million and one priorities on your plate – and new ones thrown your way every day. You’re suffocating in busy work. And you’re pretty sure your bosses think you’re superhuman.

YOU FEEL STUCK. You can tolerate your role, but you don’t love it. Yet, you can’t see yourself doing anything else and you get paid just a little too much to walk away anyway. (Although you can’t deny you’ve been spending more and more time on know, just in case.)

YOUR PERFORMANCE IS SLIPPING (OR SO YOU ASSUME). You pour blood, sweat and copious amounts of caffeine into every project to make sure it’s perfect, but the feedback? Not so great. You head back to the drawing board after nearly every dry run. You can’t seem to nail it no matter how hard you try. Your bosses only seem to know what they don’t want, never what they do. And you’re the one taking the brunt of it all.

YOUR TEAM ISN’T ENGAGED. Your team needs you to put out fires, but let’s be real: You don’t even have enough time to go pee. You’ve got employees who catfight (and talk crap) near the Keurig, quit unexpectedly and drop the ball all the live long day. You haven’t seen anyone crack a smile or a joke in months – unless it’s bonding over how much someone else (or something else) sucks.

LEADERSHIP THINKS YOU’RE SUPERHUMAN. Your boss calls you into his office – again – and drops a bomb of a new assignment in your lap. “Okay” escapes your lips before you even have time to process the fact that you just accepted another project on top of everything else. Who do they think you are? Superhuman? Do you even have the mental capacity for this?
As s/he explains the assignment, you don’t feel excited – you feel a light sense of dread.  Your mind rushes through the laundry list of tasks you’ll need to get done to make it happen. You’re screaming inside from the pressure.

YOU'RE UNDERVALUED, IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. You can’t remember the last time you took a family vacation because who would handle all the work while you’re gone?  And honestly, you have so much work on your plate that it’s laughable how little senior leadership seems to notice or care.

YOU FEAR THAT ONE DAY THEY’RE GOING TO “FIND YOU OUT.” You sometimes wonder if you actually don’t know what you’re doing. If one day your higher-ups are going to figure out you’re a fraud (or worse, fire you for it). You never feel quite good enough, no matter how much you achieve.


When – and how – did your dream job turn into such a nightmare?



Where you feel happy, secure and like what you’re doing is making a damn difference

We’ve got good news..

You CAN learn how to:

: Get the courage to ask for what you need

: Communicate better in the face of challenges – to the higher-ups, peers and your team

: Balance all of the moving parts

: Lead like a bona-fide woman

But to get there, you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done.

You need a break. You need a reset. And you need a freakin’ plan.

Imagine if you had...

A GORGEOUS PLACE to refresh and reset

TIME (AND SPACE) to really look at your own journey as a leader and a woman

COMMUNITY AND COACHING from other women leaders who get it

...And (best of all) you’d actually come back a BETTER LEADER?



Modern-Day Leadership: A Bespoke Approach to the Bona Fide Woman Leader

For women leaders with big professional goals hell bent on making ‘em happen


An intimate 1-day session and mini-mastermind at the beautiful Inn at Serenbe in Palmetto, Georgia where we’ll unlock the 4 cores of Modern-day Leadership and scratch the surface of what it means to be a modern-day leader.

It’s a not-so-selfish day of self-discovery to help you learn to ask for what you need, communicate better in the face of workplace challenges and balance all of the moving parts required to succeed as a leader, so you can hit the next level in your career with more confidence and less craziness.

It’s a safe space and revolutionary experience where women who are used to be buttoned up, can come undone for a few days of absolute vulnerability and get real, raw, uncut and 100% authentic, for the first time, maybe ever.

We’re going to challenge everything you’ve ever been told and all that you’ve ever known. And you’re going to walk away all the better for it.

Get ready to shift your mindset like whoa and learn all the skills you need to lead with confidence.


You’ll identity your tailor-made, unique, bespoke leadership style by:

  • Understanding your unique strengths, as well as barriers to success.
  • Digging into who you truly are and why you think the way you think
  • Uncovering what you value (and whether that fits – or doesn’t fit – your current working conditions)
  • Figuring out what’s really going on within your organization – and what you really want to happen moving forward
  • Creating action plans to overcome systemic barriers and grow your leadership skills.
  • Learning communication skills critical to your career success.
  • Building a network with other women leaders.


Which will change everything.


  • Secure enough to create meaningful and impactful change in your organization and create engaging and thriving cultures.  
  • Courageous enough to release the organizations or behaviors no longer serving you.
  • Confident enough to ask for everything you need – and know you deserve it.  
  • Excited enough to go after what you want and know deep inside that you deserve a seat at the table.  
  • Attuned enough to your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you can choose how you want to interact with people and challenges in your life


(And you’ll have a damn good time, too: We like to crack jokes, make puns, poke fun and use excessive amounts of sarcasm. You’ve been warned.)

Thinking “HELL YES!”?




Hosted at Serenbe, an all-natural community away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We’ll be staying at the Inn, a hotel built from an old farmhouse. Before or after our event, enjoy a meditation walk in the rolling hills amongst the trees, berries and wildflowers (really). Think of like a more posh version of summer camp. This is a rare opportunity to totally unplug. (We promise clarity comes best that way.) Get fresh perspectives on modern leadership – and some fresh air, to boot.



Love the outdoors? Just want some updated shots to show off the updated you? Our photographer will be on site to snap new headshots for interested parties.

Want a peek at what we’ll do? Here’s a tentative agenda for our big day:


Agenda Screencap.jpg

Thinking, “OH HELL YES!”? Then set up that ‘Out of Office’ auto responder and sign up stat!




  • Achieve ‘success’ but still not feel fulfilled  
  • Work in toxic environments (even though we loved our teams – and met each other in our corporate careers!)
  • Mask our own integrity and personal values to follow the rules, fit in and achieve success
  • Be highly successful, but struggle to be happy (let alone have any fun)


Today, we’re two straight-talking, soul- digging, laugh-out-loud women leaders who want to create a movement – a tribe of women who can come together and stay together to grow and develop.

We’re real women leaders who truly care about building bona-fide women leaders.

And we care because we’ve been there.

Our stories in a nutshell: Heather was an ambitious, driven woman right out the gate.  She came straight from the farm lands of Ohio (where she learned the meaning of hard work) to the big city where anything was possible.  She climbed that corporate ladder quickly and was well into 6-figure roles by the time she hit 30.  She exuded confidence and accepted any challenge thrown her way to build her reputation.  Then one day that “perfect” job found her, but she also quickly learned the perfect job came with a dysfunctional corporate culture unlike anything she had experience (oh and demon boss). After only eleven months in the hellish work environment, plus some personal hell events to boot, Heather went from loving it to losing it (like, on the job) and then, left it for good.

On the other hand, Allyssa was adopted into a Greek family – and family business – whose motto was, “Roll up your sleeves and do the work.” Not one to deny her family’s requests, Allyssa threw herself into work like she was taught. In time, Allyssa became the youngest executive at the company – and snapped up all the perks (like the posh condo and pretty Mercedes). It didn’t take long for her own inner mean girl to kick in and convince her she didn’t deserve it and lashed out and self-sabotaged her way back to the bottom of the ranks.

Allyssa realized she couldn’t keep going without analyzing exactly why she didn’t feel good enough for all the goodness life – and a stellar career – had to offer.

Then, our worlds collided in 2015 at a company where we found family within our team, but not our toxic organization, which was ruled with an iron fist and deaf ears.

Feeling underappreciated and unheard, we both decided it was the perfect team...but not the perfect leadership.

We’ve both been lost corporate-ladder climbers constantly searching for the next big thing, only to achieve it – the raise, promotion, next stretch assignment – and still feel lost, like, “What now?”

As we began supporting leaders through leadership development, we realized that ALL leaders – but especially women – struggle with the same issues. They were constant seekers of validation, had little self-awareness to create resiliency, struggled to communicate what they felt or needed.  

Together, we made a vow to consciously change our stories, and work to help organizations and other individuals change theirs, too.

Today, we have a deep understanding of organizational culture, human behavior and how underneath it all are humans who just need a little support (and a lot of mindset shifts) to avoid burnout and find actual fulfillment as leaders.

We believe women leaders matter.

We believe organizations need to leverage the diversity of leadership we bring to the equation: to improve the quality of decision-making, provide inspiration and role modeling, and tap into diverse points of view.

We believe having both women and men in leadership roles helps organizations reflect the customers they serve, giving the perspective needed to increase sales and fuel growth.

The truth is,  as a women leader, you have unique edge in the leadership game.

Women leaders bring a new dimension to the workplace.

And if we’re being really honest….

There’s only one you- and no one else has got your oomph, your panache or pizazz. You are a living, breathing, walking bespoke entity. Like a fine tailored suit, or custom built furniture. Your presence is a treat for all those you interact with.

You have a unique perspective and bring creative innovation to every conversation. You have SO damn much to offer. What you may not realize is people revel in your presence.

When women lead from within and engaging fully in our passions, no one can hold us back – save for ourselves.

Come as you are, and learn the skills and mindset shifts you need to make to create incredible workplaces ( places where people naturally gravitate toward collaboration because they love what they do and they proooobably love you a little bit, too. Or a lotta bit. ;) ) and an unimaginable impact on the world around you.

If right now you’re wondering:

“I’m not sure what my next move should be.”

“I wish there was someone I could talk to about this to get clear on my options inside or even outside this company.”

“I really love my team, but the culture/leadership in my organization is toxic. I’m not really sure I can help, but I don’t want to leave. What do I do?”

“I can’t do this anymore!”

Or even, “How did I get here?” (cue the Talking Heads)



Curious what it’s like to work with them? Here’s just a taste:


"Heather was my first experience with being coached, and what a great way to start!  She really helped me to move forward in the direction of my goals, even as the fears and uncertainty would pop up.  She helped me to go deep and discover the limiting beliefs that I had about myself or the world that were getting in the way of my dreams.  She knew just the right question at just the right time to call forward what was getting in the way.  My confidence and courage grew exponentially during the time that I worked with Heather and I have continued strongly on my path to create the business that I know I was put here to do.

Lillie M. - Women's Development Coach


"I had the opportunity to speak with Heather as I began evaluating next career moves.  I found Heather to be thoughtful and intentional as she worked with me to determine which avenue I’d benefit from the most.  Her questions and insight allowed me to be introspective regarding my own aspirations while also being clear on the impacts of the decision I was making.  Without her coaching, I may not have taken my next step.  Her genuine care for individuals and their well-being professionally and personally shows in how she works with people. I’m extremely grateful I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow from my interactions with Heather."

Georgie C. –VP

"I noticed Heather’s genuine interest in me and her thoughtful approach to our conversations.  Heather would ask me questions about my aspirations, goals and my passion for life.  She had been listening to me carefully and was able to understand what I was saying regardless of how confusing or jumbled my thoughts may have been.  Heather understood that I had lost my way in my professional journey and she was able to ask the questions that I did not want to ask or avoided asking myself.

Heather’s gentle and firm approach helped me clarify my thoughts and realize the importance of being present and living in the moment.  Heather helped me surround myself with people that were good for me and eliminate relationships and task that were not good for me.  Heather presented ideas and suggestions with care and compassion which enabled me to find the courage to deal with issues that were stopping me from reaching my potential.  She helped me see life as full of possibilities rather than inevitabilities and reminded me to value myself without reservation!

Thank you Heather for helping me find my path and meaning again."

Yolanda A., Sr Director

"The minute I met Heather Parks, I made a mental note that she was "a leader to watch". It was a hunch that proved to be spot on. So much so that as she went into private practice as a coach, I added her to my personal and professional board of directors. She is one of the short list of coaches I call when I need a coach.  Her her fluency and knowledge as a coaching professional, her commitment to collaboration and her reputation as a trusted adviser are demonstrated at every level. I highly recommend Heather."

Karen H., President

Heather is a leadership expert who was able to take her extensive knowledge and put it into meaningful action at the global level. She understands the dynamics of effective leadership and the best approaches to develop skills and behaviors that not only fit into the corporate culture, but hits home with the individual. She is one of the best coaches with whom I've ever worked. Programmatically, she builds programs to ensure that right people are getting the right development at the right time. She navigates both executive and employee waters with ease and is an asset to any team or organization.

Jeff W., SVP


Still wondering if Modern-Day Leadership is right for you?


This IS for women leaders who are:

Seeking clarity about who they are and where they are going next

At all levels in the organization, as well as women managers ready to move into leadership roles.

Self-sufficient, independent and well-accomplished – but still desiring more

Open to (giving and receiving) support, camaraderie and collaboration with other women leaders


Into it?


One last note: We get that you’re insanely busy. We get that it feels like the whole office might fall apart if you take day away. We get that you think you might fall apart if you take a day away.

We also know this: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

We created this one-day experience so you don’t hit rock bottom like we did.

Listen: We know really believe in what your organization offers its clients. And we know you believe – or at least, hope – that with a few tweaks for the better, it could be an awesome place to work.

We know you want to move up, nab the big promotion and keep getting better and better...Inside or outside your organization.

Modern-Day Leadership can help.

So if you’re ready to learn a new way to lead – one that includes more confidence and less madness...

Join us.

Not later. Not next year. Not when “things slow down” (they won’t). Now.

Come as you are, leave as you’d like to be.

So: Is it a HELL YES?

[Join here]

Tickets available until August 9th.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done workshops like this before. What makes this one different?

We’re real women leaders who strive to better ourselves and create strong generations of women leaders to come. We’re not one-and-done solutions. We’re providing custom-tailored coaching and support for women that will kickstart their own journey into bona-fide leadership.

We can’t promise overnight transformation. We know this is a journey. We know real change – especially inside established organizations – takes time.

That’s why this isn’t just a mastermind. This is a movement. And when you join us for Modern-day Leadership, you’re getting a real taste of what it’s like to join a community of women who understand.

What if I want one-on-one support?

Here’s the truth: Organizations typically pay $8,000 per day to have us speak on these topics. But because they want everyone to have a chance to grow, they are launching the 1-day program for an amazing deal, $425 for a full day experience,but act now, as space is limited to the first 10 women at this price. After that, it moves up to $575. That's still an amazing deal, but get in early for the discount!

After the program, there will be many special deals for the ladies that join the 1-day experience.  They will have 1:1 coaching, an ongoing group coaching program to keep digging into the information they uncovered during the session, and an assessment with a debrief to get a baseline of where you truly are in your journey.

What all is included?

A full-day program with light breakfast, lunch and a fireside chat with wine-tasting.  (The only thing we aren’t including is dinner and hotel accommodations. Feel free to grab dinner before our fireside chat with some of the other participants or explore on your own.)

What kind of women will be there?
We are bringing together women from all backgrounds who are highly successful and ready to connect in new way to their unique characteristics and capabilities and apply them to the leadership challenges they face.

There is power in bonding together and creating a life-long support network that can sustain you throughout your successful career.

Trust us. ;)

What if I have more questions?

Contact us

We look forward to seeing you at Serenbe!