Modern-Day Leadership Event

A Bespoke Approach to the Bona Fide Woman Leader

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Here at New Dimensions Coaching & Development, we’ve been doing a lot of research on women in leadership.  What we know is you are self-sufficient, independent women who lead busy lives.  You are a natural leader and continuously seek to achieve goals and deserve more recognition in this world. 

You have accomplished a lot in life, but it doesn’t stop there.  You look forward to many more achievements and success.

You may be shaking your head and saying YES! 

Even with all of that success, you may also be saying that you’re tired.  It’s no doubt been a struggle to stay buttoned up at work and keep a balanced life outside of work.

Whether you are running your own business or climbing the corporate ladder, there are obstacles that we all face as women.  Choices that we have to make.  It can be difficult to garner the courage to ask for what we need, communicate in the face of challenge and balance all of the moving parts.

Well, we have some good news for you.  As a women leader, you have unique edge in the leadership game.  Women leaders bring a new dimension to the workplace.   Not only are women naturally good leaders, showing the capacity to balance their leadership styles to achieve results even more adeptly than men at times, but they are hard workers and driven to succeed as executives as well. 

Unfortunately, the data still indicates that we have a gap in leadership the higher up we move in an organization.  Women occupy only 15.2 percent of Fortune 500 Board seats and even fewer CEO and top team leadership slots. 

And it’s not even about men vs women….and all of those statistics.  It’s about learning to lead from within and engaging fully in our passions.  No one can truly hold us back, but ourselves.

If you believe in what we are saying…. If you are a woman seeking to advance, we have an opportunity for you.

Let us introduce our latest creation meant specifically for women leaders who have big goals and are hell bent on making it happen in their professional and personal lives.

New Dimensions Coaching is kicking off with an intimate 1-day session at the beautiful Serenbe, where we will unlock the 4 cores of Modern-day Leadership.  This is just the beginning of what’s to come.  We believe that women need time to dig deep and appreciate all they have to offer.  They need a strong network of other women who are there to lift them up and create win-win relationships for those who seek to lead in all aspects of life.

This is a mastermind event to just scratch the surface of what it means to be a modern-day leader. 

Now for a limited time you can register for only $425.  Click here to register.

Modern Day Leadership:

A Bespoke Approach to the Bona Fide Woman Leader



DEFINITION: Bespoke is an adjective for anything created to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual.

Here is what we know.  There’s only one you- and no one else has got your oomph, your panache or pizazz. You are a living, breathing, walking bespoke entity. Like a fine tailored suit, or custom built furniture. Your presence is a treat for all those you interact with.  You have a unique perspective and bring creative innovation to every conversation. You have SO damn much to offer. What you may not realize is people revel in your presence.

Are you with us?  Are you shouting hell yes??

Then prepare yourself for a program that will equip you with the mindset and skills to lead with confidence. A place where we will challenge all we’ve been told and all that we know. 

You may be a little on the fence about whether or not you believe the statistics.  You’ve been very successful in your career.  That is exactly why this program is so powerful.  We are bringing together women from all backgrounds who are highly successful and ready to connect in new way to their unique characteristics and capabilities and apply them to the leadership challenges they face.

There is power in bonding together.  Creating a life-long support network that can sustain you through-out your successful career. 

To be successful, our organizations need to leverage the diversity of leadership we bring to the equation: to improve the quality of decision-making, provide inspiration and role modeling, and tap into diverse points of view. In addition, having both women and men in leadership roles helps organizations reflect the customers they serve, giving the perspective needed to increase sales and fuel growth.

If you want to be a part of the movement to grow not only yourself but other women around you, join our new program –

Modern Day Leadership:

A Bespoke Approach to the Bona Fide Woman Leader


Now for only $425, you can unlock your unique leadership style with 4 simple areas of focus. 

Identify your Tailor-made, unique, bespoke leadership style by:

  • Understanding your unique strengths, as well as barriers to success.
  • Creating action plans to overcome systemic barriers and grow your leadership skills.
  • Learning communication skills critical to your career success.
  • Building a network with other women leaders.

This research-based workshop focuses on the specific needs and capabilities of women — and provides the knowledge and support they need to succeed and contribute added value in their roles as corporate leaders.

Ready to jump all in? Click here to register.

So why us and why now? 

New Dimensions Coaching is an organization for women, led by women.  We know the struggles that women face internally and externally.  We’ve been the Senior Leaders, fighting to be heard and sometimes wondering if we were smart enough to be at the table.

Between the two of them, Heather and Allyssa have 30 years of experience coaching and developing CEO’s and leaders from all walks of life - This isn’t you? We would say- “Oh but it is, you just don’t know it yet!”

Because Heather and Allyssa are so passionate about women in leadership, they are creating space for anyone who knows they want to lead from a stronger place.  You are seriously getting a deal with the launch of their new program! Organizations typically pay $8,000 per day to engage with them and have them speak on these types of topics.  Because they want everyone to have a chance to grow, they are launching the 1-day program for an amazing deal, $425 for a full day experience, but act now, as space is limited to the first 10 women at this price. After that, it moves up to $575. That's still an amazing deal, but get in early for the discount! Register here!

You have to opportunity to be on the cutting edge of their latest program created by two strong women, exclusively for women: Modern Day Leadership: A Bespoke Approach to the Bona Fide Woman Leader

It’s time to unlock your true potential.  This program will guide you through a 4-step process to do just that and so much more.  

Worried that you can’t afford it?

We challenge that and say- “Oh yes you can!” Click here for a guide to getting your company to pay for your personal leadership development, even after you’ve already personally paid for the sessions.

Believe us when we say, even if you feel like you don’t have the funds, you work for a company that writes checks to develop its employees every day- The company you work for, the one you show up to everyday- remember that one?

Follow these steps to get your organization to pay for your development. (Add Job Aid For Getting Your Organization to Pay For Your Development)

Here are a few benefits that you can share with your organization-

The looming worldwide leadership shortage means that organizations where women lag in leadership roles are missing a huge opportunity. Introducing women leaders to the Modern-Day Leadership program allows you to shore up your bench strength while leveraging your women leaders’ unique strengths to drive strong business results.

Researchers consistently find a positive correlation between the representation of women in leadership positions and business performance measures, such as market share and return on investment.

The diversity of points of view and the insights into customer needs that women leaders bring are invaluable to an organizations’ success. In our current knowledge economy, people are the source of growth.  Eight-five percent of corporate value creation is derived from people, brand, and IP.  Successful businesses in the foreseeable future will be those who can harness the strategic thinking and creativity of all their people.

Organizations that create a culture of equal opportunity and diversity are better able to attract, retain, and motivate the most qualified individuals.

Who Should Attend

Women leaders at all levels in the organization, as well as women managers who are ready to move into leadership roles.

Still wondering if it’s right for you?

Check out the fun that's about to happen.

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