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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done workshops like this before. What makes this one different?

We’re real women leaders who strive to better ourselves and create strong generations of women leaders to come. We’re not one-and-done solutions. We’re providing custom-tailored coaching and support for women that will kickstart their own journey into bona-fide leadership.

We can’t promise overnight transformation. We know this is a journey. We know real change – especially inside established organizations – takes time.

That’s why this isn’t just a mastermind. This is a movement. And when you join us for Modern-day Leadership, you’re getting a real taste of what it’s like to join a community of women who understand.

What if I want one-on-one support?

Here’s the truth: Organizations typically pay $8,000 per day to have us speak on these topics. But because they want everyone to have a chance to grow, they are launching the 1-day program for an amazing deal, $425 for a full day experience,but act now, as space is limited to the first 10 women at this price. After that, it moves up to $575. That's still an amazing deal, but get in early for the discount!

After the program, there will be many special deals for the ladies that join the 1-day experience.  They will have 1:1 coaching, an ongoing group coaching program to keep digging into the information they uncovered during the session, and an assessment with a debrief to get a baseline of where you truly are in your journey.

What all is included?

A full-day program with light breakfast, lunch and a fireside chat with wine-tasting.  (The only thing we aren’t including is dinner and hotel accommodations. Feel free to grab dinner before our fireside chat with some of the other participants or explore on your own.)

What kind of women will be there?
We are bringing together women from all backgrounds who are highly successful and ready to connect in new way to their unique characteristics and capabilities and apply them to the leadership challenges they face.

There is power in bonding together and creating a life-long support network that can sustain you throughout your successful career.

Trust us. ;)

What if I have more questions?

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We look forward to seeing you at Serenbe!