How to Impact the World: “The Ripple Effect”


 “The Ripple Effect” refers to one event causing a series of other events to happen. It shows up in many ways in all of our lives, but very few of us actually harness its power to impact the world, create more goodness and increase our own self-esteem in the process. Fortunately, even the smallest act can cause a powerful ripple effect, so it doesn’t take much time or energy to effect a big change.

So if you’ve followed my recent blogs, I like to use my daughter for an example when it impacts me in a big way.  In this case, one simple act of kindness from my daughter and one of her friends caused a ripple effect that continues to keep giving.  Recently she participated in an anti-bullying class for sixth graders. She was so moved by the information she received that she decided to pay it forward. She came to me with a plan to create self-esteem cards for all eighty of the girls in her sixth grade class, because she wanted to impact other girls in the same way she was impacted by the anti-bullying message.

Ever since she handed out her self-esteem cards, I have had mothers calling me, thanking me for helping my daughter do something nice for their daughters. It feels great, but I have to tell them that it was all my daughter; I simply funded her idea. But, I love thinking of how their daughters will carry this self-esteem and anti-bullying lesson with them and might even generously give another girl a boost of confidence in the future, just when she needs it most.

That is just one example of “The Ripple Effect” at work and it is from an eleven-year-old. If she can do one small thing to impact eighty people in a matter of days, imagine what you can do.

I found that over the last 15 years of career development and career coaching, I’ve been able to pay it forward many times over.  I’ve had great mentors, friends, and coaches that helped me become the person I am today and live out my dream.  In the moments you least expect it, you will get a thank you note or email sharing the impact you made.  You may not even remember it, but to someone you were exactly what they needed in that moment.

“The Ripple Effect” is about changing someone’s life, one person at a time, so begin by asking yourself this question: Who will I impact today, and how? 

Please share you “Ripple Effect” story with us today!!