Birkman Method Assessment & Debrief

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Birkman Method Assessment & Debrief

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The Birkman Method measures four core aspects of personality,
including Interests, Usual Behavior, Stress Behavior, and underlying
Needs. By reaching further into more complex behavioral
Components, Birkman shines a light on the unique leadership styles
among us.

Are you ready to foster leadership that inspires?

Leading is about connecting with people, not just setting the strategic
direction of a team. True connection and understanding allow leaders to
motivate and empower the human capital within their organizations.

Leaders must develop astute awareness of their behavior and how
it is received by others.

Are you ready to empower yourself through Self-Assessment?

When aware of themselves and others, leaders can have lasting impacts on those looking up to them, far beyond their organizational roles.
Accurate awareness of one’s own personality is the cornerstone for
successful leadership development. When leaders can consistently
leverage their own strengths and mitigate negative and reactive behaviors, they are empowered to become better leaders of others.
Birkman provides deeper self-awareness and others-awareness,
giving leaders insights into what their team members need to be at their best.

If you want a little more information, click here to see a quick video aobut the Birkman Method.