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Heather Parks is the founder of New Dimensions Coaching, a professional leadership development coaching firm. Her primary mission is to enable leaders with the mindset and skill to engage, thrive and drive positive business outcomes.

As a seasoned career & leadership development coach, Heather Parks helps senior leaders and their management teams attain practical, sustainable results while deepening their self-awareness and building healthy, thriving work relationships.

Heather brings warmth and humor to the mission critical work of developing leaders and their organizations.  Her straight-forward, results-oriented approach is based on extensive experience applying best practices in leadership theory, concepts and assessments to the real situations and behaviors that arise in a business setting.  She uses deep listening skills to hear what’s being said by a leader, but also the important skill of what’s not being said to understand business environments and clients’ real-time situations.  Her clients describe her as gently assertive, pragmatic and innovative with an ability to offer necessary feedback in such a way that the client can hear, trust, accept and embrace it.

Let Heather help you see the new dimensions that are possible.  Learn how things can be different, just by shifting the way we choose to view the world around us. There is an opportunity every single moment to increase engagement and success by tapping into your own potential and putting it into action.

Are you ready?

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It's About the Journey

When we set a goal, we often become so focused on the outcome that we lose sight of what is actually important: the journey.

Life is about living in the moment, but when we are preoccupied with winning versus losing, and completely focused on simply crossing the finish-line of achieving our goals, it is easy to forget that.

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