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Meet Heather

So you finally have a minute to yourself, and it’s just pretty hard to be alone with your thoughts right now. You just want a moment where you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. But you constantly tell yourself you can’t trust anyone else to help you out. And you want to have just one moment where you feel free enough to come undone. But you tell yourself that if you aren’t always put together and “perfect” people may not see you as strong. And to be quite honest, you’re afraid of that.

Deep down, you want to just let your guard down and have fun, but you keep telling yourself that you have all of these responsibilities. You want to remember who you are beyond the career that you’ve built. But you then tell yourself that the only reason you’re so successful is because you haven’t put any energy into anything else in years. A part of you wants to feel completely satisfied in your life, but another part tells yourself that since you’re financially successful you should just be grateful.

You can’t lie anymore. You just want FREEDOM. The freedom to do what you want while still feeling powerful and significant.  You want to feel like you can be imperfect without judgment from anyone else, especially yourself. You want FUN.  The kind of fun that is filled with laughter; playfulness free from guilt of the past or anxiety about the future. You want ACHIEVEMENT. To achieve in a way to that feels completely satisfying because you know who you are and what you’re passionate about. You want CONFIDENCE. The kind of confidence that comes with knowing you can do everything you want & still be wildly successful 

It’s all possible my friend and it’s right at your fingertips. Did you know that? You don’t have to keep running, hiding or searching for that one thing that will make you feel fulfilled. You don’t have to keep being “perfect” just so others will acknowledge you. You are already successful and it’s time to begin feeling that success. I’ve been right where you are and I did it.  After years of searching for significance in my life and ignoring my achievements, I decided it was time to peel back the layers & understand who I was & what made me feel joy.

 I was crazy “successful” but not really happy. This is why I now want to take you through the exact process I went through that changed my life forever. 

This process helps you to:

  • identify what makes you happy, valued and fulfilled. It’s about freeing your mind from self-doubt and negative self-talk. That’s what leads to empowerment & hope
  • understand exactly what your “scary” story is that is limiting you and view it as a wonderful lesson that enabled your success.  It takes the “scary” out of the story when you can define what it offered you vs how it holds you back
  • create a tribe of your own. A safe environment to shift your mindset and put an action plan into place to live the life you desire. One inclusive of freedom, fun, achievement and real confidence. Where like-minded people are there for your success

I want to teach you that just being YOU can put you on a path filled with abundance & freedom. I can teach you how to:

  • marry your success + complete happiness…funny how impactful it can be to have both at the same time
  •  be okay with understanding your past and coming undone…cause every girl needs to let loose sometimes
  • stay unbuttoned, embrace a new perspective & life lessons…girl, you are never going back to being Ms. Perfectionist
  • build a tribe of like-minded, powerful women…who doesn’t want a group of kick-ass girls around them, really?

It doesnt have to be hard or scary. You deserve to live out loud, have fun and be wildly successful. Thats why I am giving you a glimpse into how you can get started putting the fun back into your life right now. 

Download my complimentary worksheet: Assess It to start the understanding (or maybe remembering) who you are “being” vs who you “are.” Digging deep into your values, greatest attributes and strengths.  This is the foundation of what you use to move towards reclaiming your life.  It’s about understanding where you are and where you want to go.YOU decide how you want to show up in the world.

Heather really helped me move forward in the direction of my goals, even as the fears and uncertainty would pop up.  She helped me to go deep and discover the limiting beliefs that I had about myself or the world that were getting in the way of my dreams.  She knew just the right question at just the right time to call forward what was getting in the way.  My confidence and courage grew exponentially during the time that I worked with Heather and I have continued strongly on my path to create the business that I know I was put here to do.” Lillie M.

I know what it feels like to always be a “buttoned up” confident force to be reckoned with on the outside.

Working my ass off to prove myself and constantly searching for that never-ending feeling of contentment.  Knowing that everyone “else” thought I had it all.  Knowing that I always needed an escape plan. 

I lived my life constantly searching for something more, something bigger – more significance, more belonging, more freedom - from whatever didn’t feel good. The BIG thing that I needed to solve wasn’t going to happen through external validation alone. Something had to happen on the inside. So I began my journey after years of being self-sufficient (self-compassion wasn’t allowed there), always running from my feelings (not trying to understand where they came from). I hit rock bottom when I landed in a toxic work environment. 

 My uber-successful career was always my go-to place to escape what was really going on and now it wasnt even a safe haven anymore. The years of stress and doubt that I kept buried from everyone became so overwhelming that I ultimately lost my second child during my first trimester. In that very moment I hit rock bottom.  I knew my reality. I couldnt afford to keep masking insecurity with accomplishments & success. I had to understand what I valued.

I had to learn what triggered my emotions and what made me happy.  I began the process of understanding my story.  So I took inventory and began assessing it. Where did my beliefs, emotions and behaviors come from? If I knew the answers I could stop searching. Maybe I could feel “success” for the first time. Once I had the “scary” story, I began unraveling it and using a new lens to re-write it.  I was given hard lessons in life that ultimately enabled me to become the perfectionist and overachiever.  Now it was time to see how that same story could be seen differently and for a new purpose in life.  That step was called owning it. 

Every beautiful imperfection made me successful but I could achieve it in a much more powerful and passionate way!  The last step for me was sharing it.  People needed to know me, the real me.  It was a lesson in vulnerability that allowed me to build the best support system.  When you stop hiding behind “success” and really release the hidden insecurities, you can create a powerful community of people around you.  My journey to sharing my story and connecting in a different way to people was an amazing process.  You know that saying that you are “a product of the 5 people closest to you?”  Well, I was consciously choosing what I wanted to be in my life (and what I needed to release) to be the best version of me.

After 25 years, I finally found my voice and owned my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. I left the toxicity behind and that meant the six figure job I had been actively using as my safety net. I dug deep and created a meaningful organization called New Dimensions Coaching.  A company deeply rooted in empowering women to own their story and create a place of courage, compassion and belonging. Because I can own my story, I can proudly say this is who I am: I am a believer, a visionary, a helper & healer, a possibility seeker, and a companion to those who need truth in their life. So you may be asking yourself, what can this imperfect women offer me? Plenty…

 I’m a Courage Instigator, giving women permission to “break the rules” + achieve success on their own terms.

What you are feeling is real.  If you're anything like me, you’ve spent years creating and living by crazy rules that you set up for your life; judgments about what you should or should not do.  You live by those rules because it's the best way to keep yourself safe…small and safe so you don’t have to feel pain, hurt or disappointment.  I'm here to tell must break the rules!!! To be free and live life on your terms you need to feel and understand the pain that has led you right here to me.  It’s the best way to know what accomplishment and success really is for your future. A wise person once told me pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

When you find yourself wondering if there is something bigger out there and just don’t know why or you’re finally now to the point where you know what’s off and you’re hell bent on breaking the pattern, breaking the rules…you’ve found you’re safe haven.  It all begins right here with me.   

We all have a story. We can either own it or hide behind it.  Join my tribe and let's make every single self-sufficient woman own it and love herself in a new and powerful way. How we got to self-sufficiency and our accomplishment is relevant but it's not the end of the story. What we choose to do with the power of our story is what makes us significant in this world.

The courage to own your story is an amazing journey to freedom, compassion, love, happiness and a complete release of everything that holds you back from fully feeling your accomplishments and success. Opt-In today to receive your free worksheet that will launch you into the freedom & purpose system that I use with my beautifully IMPERFECT tribe here.

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